Dental Care: Teeth Grinding Night Guards

teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is also referred to as bruxism. It is a condition in which you grind your teeth; in the medical field, the definition is broadened to include clenching and gnashing of the teeth. Bruxism can either happen when you are awake or when you are asleep. It is known as awake bruxism when you are awake and sleep bruxism […]

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Most Underrated Exercises

most underrated exercises

Most people are usually selective when it comes to the type of exercises they  do. Many will focus on ones they prefer and avoid others. However, it is generally advised that you work on your weaker areas. To achieve  quality results, you can also use steroids which both speed up the rate at which you gain muscle mass and help […]

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Better Heart Health May Mean Lower Dementia Risk for Older People

man with dementia

The following article has been contributed by Jane Byrne, Project Coordinator at FirstCare Nursing Homes. Dementia is one of the most common illnesses the elderly go through. However, a new study found out that people who have good cardiovascular health are less likely to get the disease. The study also concluded that leading a physically active lifestyle, maintaining a healthy […]

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5 Key Benefits of HGH

hgh injections

Okay, people turn to human growth hormone hoping that they can get noticeable and significant results with regards to their overall physical appearance. Human growth hormone or simply known as HGH, are produced by the pituitary gland which kick starts growth in children and adolescents. But most people use HGH to help improve body composition – muscle and bone growth, […]

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6 Things Parents Should Know about Baby Teeth

baby teeth

Many people understand that knowing the best way to care for your teeth is important regardless of your age. As such, it is no surprise parents often have plenty of questions as their children get and lose their baby teeth. Primary or baby teeth are designed to stay in the mouth for 5-10 years and act as placeholders for the […]

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What Type of HGH Works Best in 2018?

human growth hormone

HGH can be produced naturally by the body or synthetically. It is a common active ingredient that is found in prescription drugs. What exactly is HGH? Human growth hormone commonly referred to as HGH is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. It spurs growth in humans mostly adolescents and children. HGH helps the body to regulate its […]

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Pet Anxiety and the Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil Edibles

pet anxiety and cbd hemp oil edibles

The functional applications of CBD hemp oil are not only for people but also for your pets. Yes, you read that correctly. You do not even need to worry because CBD hemp oil for pets contains very minimal amounts of THC, which means it will not induce a “high” feeling to your pets. So, what could this oil do to […]

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Solved Obesity Without Suffering

Obesity without suffering

How can be overweight affect your daily life? Are you overweight? Are you unhappy with your physic? Not only does obesity pull out a negative influence on your health, but it also has a great effect on your daily life in different ways. Your Career: If you are an over weighted person, your first impression would not be very pleasant. […]

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8 Signs of Low Testosterone Level in Your Body

low testosterone levels in men

The human body works on a proper balance- homeostasis- and that is why any imbalance can cause a number of health issues in your body. This balance is established due to the co-ordinated working of the hormones- the chemical messenger of the body. Many different hormones are there which control various actions of the body including metabolism, growth, maturation of […]

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Skin Cancer – The Latest Risk Linked with Alcoholism


The medical profession, and, indeed, the public in general, are well aware that alcohol causes a host of health problems. Long-term alcohol abuse has been linked to all kinds of conditions, including hypertension, heart disease, strokes, digestive problems, liver disease, mental health issues, memory and learning problems, and breast, throat, liver, colon, mouth, and esophageal cancer. The media have been […]

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