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A Brief about Foot and Ankle Osteoarthritis


The stiffness and pain you feel in your ankles and feet as you grow older (or after an injury) can be Osteoarthritis. If untreated, this niggling pain can become worse, and eventually might face difficulty in walking even short distances. Severe Osteoarthritis can confine your mobility and limit the quality of life you want to live. To the good fortune […]

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Human Growth Hormone

human growth hormone

Are you aware what human grown hormone is? This hormone is popularly known to be the pivotal point of delaying aging and many other types of disease that can develop inside our body. This article will give you a short glimpse on a variety of factors how human growth hormone can benefit your health. As we all age constantly, many […]

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Inhalant Abuse – A Different Kind of Addiction

stop addiction

Have you ever heard of inhalant abuse? This is a type of addiction that are commonly seen on both children and teens worldwide, particularly in third world countries. Purposely inhaling substances do have adverse effects in health. These habits are considered irrational and are linked to different emotional and mental issues. People who have such addiction chooses a variety of […]

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Promising Alternative Treatment for Cholesterol

cholesterol treatment

Having cholesterol issues are one of today’s most notable health concerns due to its serious health effects. An increased in bad cholesterol levels is truly an alarming situation as it can lead to heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure and even cancer. Cholesterol issues are developed through various ways such as stress, eating habits, bad lifestyles (smoking, etc.) or it […]

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Sleep Deprivation Can Damage Your Brain

sleep deprivation

Are you deprived of sleep for days? Do you think that you already have a sleeping disorder? If your answer is yes, then you have to learn how your body can recover from the many health risks of sleep deprivation. There are no reasons to doubt the fact that lack of sleep leads to dozens of physiological effects, not to […]

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Too Much Protein Increases Your Cancer Risk

protein can increase cancer risk

Protein is an essential part of human health, basically essential for muscle growth, weight loss control and many others. But did you know that if you are a heavy protein consumer throughout your lifetime, you are actually increasing your risk of cancer and other serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. This issue is actually not new at all as […]

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Rumination Syndrome in Children

rumination syndrome

Have you heard about a chronic disease that mostly affects infants and children called Rumination Syndrome? If not, then this post will give you some details about this unique condition. First off, Rumination Syndrome doesn’t just affects young children and infants, there are also an increasing number of cases of this disorder in adults these days. So what is this […]

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Menopause Symptoms and Possible Cures

menopause symptoms

Menopause symptoms may vary from woman to woman. The shutdown of a woman’s ovaries and that halting of the estrogen production can result to various symptoms that sometimes can be ignored but most of the time can be destructive and life altering. 48% of women, in a twist of physiologic fate, may not feel any symptoms at all. But for […]

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