What is Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder affects thousands of people and is the number one cause of depression-related deaths worldwide through suicide. Are you aware of this serious mental condition? Most people characterize bipolar disorder simply as depression, but can also be associated with abnormal mood swings or mania. In most experts, bipolar means severe depressive state, where an individual can hear voices that […]

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Stay Distant to These Food Allergens

gluten free

Having a food allergy brings a great distress. Enduring the pain of what you have just eaten mistakenly is disturbing. You cannot do whatever you want just because it bothers you a lot. You cannot just settle for that especially if you do not know what food you have got that. Children and adults suffer from food allergy despite having […]

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Promising Alternative Treatment for Cholesterol

cholesterol treatment

Having cholesterol issues are one of today’s most notable health concerns due to its serious health effects. An increased in bad cholesterol levels is truly an alarming situation as it can lead to heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure and even cancer. Cholesterol issues are developed through various ways such as stress, eating habits, bad lifestyles (smoking, etc.) or it […]

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Sleep Deprivation Can Damage Your Brain

sleep deprivation

Are you deprived of sleep for days? Do you think that you already have a sleeping disorder? If your answer is yes, then you have to learn how your body can recover from the many health risks of sleep deprivation. There are no reasons to doubt the fact that lack of sleep leads to dozens of physiological effects, not to […]

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Are Diet Drops Effective and Safe?

diet drops

Weight gain is probably the most difficult health dilemma one could ever endure. As you know, being overweight or obese is a precursor to a much more health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, cancers and many others. If you are undergoing similar weight issues, the said conditions above are enough reasons for you to act now and plan […]

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Too Much Protein Increases Your Cancer Risk

protein can increase cancer risk

Protein is an essential part of human health, basically essential for muscle growth, weight loss control and many others. But did you know that if you are a heavy protein consumer throughout your lifetime, you are actually increasing your risk of cancer and other serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. This issue is actually not new at all as […]

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How to Relieve Back Pain?

back pain

Are suffering from back pain? Back problems are often not a serious threat and will always go away naturally. But if the symptoms persists for a long time, then you need to see a doctor to diagnose the problem. Lower-back pains are the most common among adults. These health problems are commonly caused by wrong posture, injuries or lack of […]

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Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Use Gadgets

Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Use Gadgets

Is your child beginning to hold technology gadgets such as mobile phones, gaming consoles and tablets? If yes, then you better think twice before buying them their own cellphone as there are numerous reports regarding the potential health hazards of these handheld gadgets to children under the age of 12. Yes, these phones do have an effect to our children […]

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