10 Tips to Shelter Your Kids from Bullying

Many parents can admit that anyone messing with their children could as well be messing with them. For starters what is bullying?

Well, it can simply be defined as unwanted or aggressive behavior in which an individual uses to harm others.

As nasty and insidious practice it may be, it is paramount for parents to deal with it right away. Whether it is physical or verbal,

if not curtailed bullying can lead to anti-social behavior that could affect your kid’s personal development journey.

No kid is fool-proof from bullying. However, with the following tips chances of bullying or being bullied can be significantly reduced.

Take bullying seriously

Be forthright to your kids that you will not accept bullying whether at home or anywhere else. Put punitive measures to punish your child if they are peddling bullying.

For example, if they are bullying others on social media or email, dock their gadgets for some time and make sure you don’t compromise with them.

If your kid develops an aggressive character towards others, teach them alternative amicable methods of solving issues like walking away.

Do not hesitate to intervene

As a parent, your sole purpose is to protect your kids. Apart from teaching your child to stand up for themselves, you should consider calling the principal or physically visiting your kids’ school.

If your kid is being bullied or is a bully, It would be suicidal for a parent to assume that since there is no physical harm to their kids, the emotional suffering is not a big deal.


Set a good example to your kids

Be careful on how you communicate when your children are around and how you handle conflicts.

Aggressiveness in front of your kids only translates into aggressive kids. Teach them to see the positive side of others and not point out the negative things only.

Additionally teach them that frustrations are normal things in life and how to navigate through such impediments in life successfully.

Create a compassionate relationship with your kids.

It’s important to note that most things that kids do when grown up are assimilated when growing up.

Bringing up kids in a forceful relationship or using power to control them is detrimental to their future life.

As a parent try to build respectful relationships with your kids, this not only builds their self-esteem but also minimize their chances of becoming bullies or being bullied.

Stick to your child through thick and thin

Bullies tend to prey on kids that appear to be lonely. As a result, they will shy away from disclosing to the parents that they are being bullied.

Take at least 20 minutes per day to sit down with your kids and try and dig out if they have anything bothering them.

Remember parenting is more of connecting with your child and not guidance. Always keep the line of communication as free as possible.bully icon

Teach the kid’s basic social skills

Bullies have a tendency of harassing kids that they deem weak. If your Kids have a deficit of such a skill always prioritize supporting them.

Always make them less attractive to bullies. Boost their self-esteem by engaging in activities with them.

This way, they will develop the aptitude of speaking out or standing for themselves.

Teach kids to intervene bullying when they see it

Studies have shown that when you encounter a bullying incidence, intervening in the right manner can significantly reduce such incidences.

For example, bullies love attention. When a group of kids stands up against a bully chances of such a repeated occurrence are minimized. Calling a teacher or even emergency numbers works in handy.

Know the bullying laws in your state

Different states have anti-bullying laws. After reporting a bullying case, the school should be snappy in investigating and respond appropriately in enforcing the laws without fear or favor.

Get involved

Unfortunately due to the increasing hard economics time, many parents find themselves working for many hours to the extent they rarely attend the special events held at their kids’ school.

The parents can consider increasing awareness about bullying by holding meetings about bullying.

kid crying

Get help

Consider getting counselors or the teachers to talk to your bully kid.

Since they spend a significant amount of time with teachers at school, the teachers can help in identifying the elements that push them into becoming bullies.

Although it can be frustrating to stop this behavior, as a parent you should know this is a process and not an event.


The above tips will come in hand to assuage anxieties and provide safety for your kids. As a parent, being vague about bullying will not help your kids at all.

Taking a nose dive into the different aspects  will help you fool-proof your kids from this nasty experience.

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