3 Ways To Lose Weight Based On Science

Following fad diets and trends can leave dieters hungry and tired. The best way to lose weight quickly is to use methods that are based on science.

There are hormones and processes in the body designed to regulate your weight and fat storage. When dieters target these biological functions, they can shed the pounds quicker.

HCG Drops

HCG is a hormone produced by the body to prevent fat storage in certain areas. Though this is normally found in pregnant women, there is a way to add HCG to your diet.

HCG drops are a great way to incorporate a product that uses real science to help people lose weight. This is a concentrated dose of the substance. The drops are easy to use and can be added to both food and drinks. They will help with long term weight control.

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Reduce Sugars And Starches

The main fat storing hormone in the body is insulin. When dieters eat starches and sugars, they target the body to produce more insulin which increases fat storage.

Reducing these items will help dieters to lose weight more rapidly. Foods such as sweets and carbohydrates are rich in starch. Cutting down on these items will accelerate weight loss and help keep the pounds off for good.

Eat Proteins, Fat, And Vegetables

There are many ways to incorporate better foods into any diet. And the foods that are chosen must provide the dieter with energy and essential vitamins and minerals. Below are just some of the foods that help with weight loss.

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Meat, seafood, and eggs are all foods that are rich in protein. These foods are important for a number of reasons. They will make people feel full longer and want to snack less.

Eating more protein also helps to boost the metabolism and keep the weight off.


It may sound strange, but eating fats is a healthy part of any diet. There are fats called medium chain tricgycrides which can be found in foods such as coconut oil.

These foods make dieters feel fuller for longer and keep the body from storing fat. Incorporate other healthy fats,such as olive oil, butter, and avocado oil to see better results.


Vegetables are vital to weight control. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that help people feel full for longer periods of time.

This reduces the need to snack. Another positive outcome to adding vegetables is the choices that it will add to the diet. There are a large number of vegetables out there. This broadens the diet so that dieters will not end up feeling deprived.

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Lift Weights

Lifting weights is an easy way for dieters to incorporate exercise and lose weight. Lifting weights is a great way to burn calories and build muscle.

Studies have shown that building muscle increases the body’s ability to burn more fat. And this is the perfect addition for anyone who isn’t all that into exercise. Lifting weights is easy and dieters s start with smaller weights and work their way up.

There is no better way to know that something works than when it’s based on science.

Scientists and researchers use facts to come to conclusions about they best weight loss methods. Implementing these ideas will cause dieters to stay thin for years to come.


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