7 Ways to Track of your Weight-Loss Goals

Progress is impossible without change. The moment you decide that you want to lose weight and go for a healthy lifestyle means you are ready for a change. In achieving your goals, there are things you must sacrifice.

It’s an overwhelming feeling to see the improvements that you have achieved so far. But how will you track your progress?

Here are 7 ways to track your weight-loss goals.

Focus on your Goal: Set a Deadline

It is important to know your long-term and short-term goals. It is more advisable to have a weekly, monthly or yearly goal so it will not be hard for you. For short-term goals, make sure that for each week you will achieve your goals.

Don’t make everything in rush, take everything slowly but set an expectation so you’ll be challenged. Make little goals in a week like eating more vegetables, improving a certain body part or losing at least 5 pounds a week.

A little progress each day adds up to a big result. Then, you can evaluate the changes and improvements in a month.

As for your long-term goals, it is important to rank them; make everything in order. In that way, it will be easy for you to know your priorities; what comes first and what comes last.

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Make a Workout Planner

Having a planner is essential if you want to keep track of your weight-loss. Creating a daily routine exercise is highly recommended. If you can create a workout routine that fits you perfectly, that is better.

You must have priorities what to improve first so will know where to focus. Is it your tummy, your biceps, legs, or butt?

Though you can improve all at once, it is better to improve one body part at a time. It is advisable to have a self-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to physical exercise.

In that way, you will know what you can do more and what you cannot do. Considering your health issues will be very useful too.

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Keep your Diet on Track

This might be the hardest part of the weight loss program. Keeping your diet on track every day at all times might be difficult for others especially for the beginners.

Always remember; no pain, no gain. It will be a complete switch; a complete change of lifestyle. There are lots of food that you can’t eat like sweets, junk foods, soda, fast food meals, fried foods, and etc.

There are lots of substitute to your favorite meals before. Instead of eating junk foods, replace it with fruits. If you are into eating rice and hard meals, replace it with wheat bread or cereals.

You can still eat chicken, meats, and fish but just with a certain content. The food content will be one of the most important things to achieve your dream body.

Keep in mind that too much eating is bad, and making yourself hungry is worst.

Avoid Temptation

How will you avoid all the temptations around? There are lots of ways which is very easy to say but extremely hard to do.

What is the greatest temptation for your weight-loss program? It’s the food, right? It’s so hard to say no to your favorite ice cream, chocolates, donuts, and cakes.

Again, think why you are doing this. You have improved, and giving up now will put all your hard works in vain. One of the solutions to not feel hungry all the time is to satisfy your cravings.

You can eat your favorites, but just a bite or two. When I say temptation, I’m not only talking about foods. I’m also talking about the habits.

Drinking alcohol, sleeping late, stress and other bad habits are not helpful for this. Also, you must have enough sleep and rest every day.  Make an optional list which you can do instead of eating or doing your bad old habits.

Self-discipline is intensely important in achieving your goals. Don’t do something that you will regret later.


Keep Track of your Measurements

How much weight did you lose this week? Even it’s just a little change, it’s still an improvement. Small daily improvements are the key to an overwhelming long-term result.

It is a must to keep track of your weight and measurements every week or every month. If you can take before and after photos, the better. It will give you more motivation to work harder for the next days.

Appreciate even a very little change that you have achieved. Acknowledge the old bad habits you have eliminated. Embrace the new lifestyle you are with. Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

By keeping track of your improvement, you will know what you have achieved and not. So for the next days, you can focus on the things you did not achieve.

Stay Positive and Motivated

How will you keep going for this weight-loss program? It’s just a simple move without questions.

Just keep moving and don’t give up. It might be a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up. If you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

You might not be close to your long-term goal yet but you are doing better than yesterday. A year from now, you will be thankful that you started earlier.

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Maintain being fit and Healthy

You will see all the results of your hard work in a matter of months. Maybe it’s far from your long-term goal but it is better than before you started.

There are so many changes and improvement happened; you don’t want to start all over again.

You have to keep going so you can maintain it. Maintain the healthy diet and everyday exercise. Maintain the good habits and routine, then you can maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Losing weight is a mind game, not a physical challenge. Control your mind before your body so that action and progress can take place.

Tracking your progress day by day makes a big contribution to your weight-loss program. Take photos of your body’s improvement and put it somewhere you can always see so that you will be motivated at all times.

Life is a constant journey of growing, you must be brave enough to make a change.


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