Bignay Tea Health Benefits

Bignay tea has dozens of health benefits just like any other common teas in the market. However, bignay is only available in Northern Australia and South East Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

If you are looking for an exotic fruit that is equally or far more superior when it comes to health benefits, then bignay could be the perfect fit. It is small but terrible, as Filipinos call it.

So what is bignay exactly and how its tea became a household name in the Asian health industry? Lets find out more about this wonder fruit.

What is Bignay?

Bignay is scientifically known as Antidesma Bunius, a fruit tree from the Phyllanthaceae family. Bignay is the Philippine name of the fruit and its other names includes bugnay, Chinese-laurel, Herbert River-cherry, Queensland-cherry, salamander-tree, wild-cherry and currant tree.

This tree could either be a short and shubby or tall and erect, which can grow as high as 30 meters. Its leaves are large oval shaped and colored green. The specie is known as dioecious, a plant that are divided into male and female flowers.

bignay fruitThe bignay fruit itself are small sour berry fruit that is not so appealing because of its bad looking appearance. Like grapes, bignay fruits comes in bunches but interestingly, they are not similar with regards to colors.

Bignay’s skin has red juice while its while pulp contains colorless juice. It’s also not good tasting and is sour just like cranberries. Today, Bignay is processed into many products such as jams, juices and of course, tea.

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The Rise of Bignay Tea

Filipinos are known as an innovator of many things. There are ingenious Pinoy scientists who develops water as a car engine and there Filipino athletes that are known worldwide because of their skills and talent.

But with regards to health, Filipinos are the best innovators. Why? Because quite frankly, these people creates their own medicines from their own backyard! There is malunggay for cholesterols, tomorrow leaf for cancers, lagundi for respiratory problems and many others.

A sample bignay tea pack

And since bignay is almost found everywhere in the Philippines, it never escaped the clever minds of the Filipinos.

With the rise of commercial teas such as green tea, white tea, black tea, etc., comes a new batch of locally-made teas such bignay tea.

Bignay tea is just one of the many herbal teas that are being sold in Manila. However, I think that bignay tea is the best of them all as I personally experienced the benefits of this product.

They discovered that the bark of bignay tree has potent health properties that are all essential to life. Thus, they opted to create a bignay tea based on its tree bark.

As positive reviews about bignay tea spread through the word of tongue, bignay became an instant hit in the tea market here in Manila. In fact, I still receive a lot of queries about bignay tea from my Facebook page, and there are from western countries.

Bignay Tea Health Benefits

Bignay tea doesn’t have enough scientific studies or laboratory tests to prove its true health benefits. Through buzz and gossips, bignay tea’s popularity increased rapidly and more people wanted to try this herbal tea.

Today, the claimed health benefits of bignay tea are astonishingly impressive. Local health experts here in Manila agrees that drinking at least a liter of bignay tea can give you dozens of health wonders.

To give you an overview, below are bignay tea health benefits:

  • dysentery treatments
  • good for diabetics
  • treats indigestion
  • appetite suppressant
  • prevents gastric intestinal problems
  • packed with antioxidants
  • contains essential vitamins and nutrients
  • packed with phytochemicals and flavonoids
  • boosts your immune system and metabolic rate
  • cleanses your colon
  • fat burning effects
  • lowers your blood cholesterol
  • reduces your SGPT and SGOP levels (liver)
  • prevents hypertension and other infectious diseases
  • prevents cancer and slows aging

With antioxidants at the helm, bignay tea is one powerful tea that will definitely support your health in many ways. Flavonoids, a compound that is usually found in plants, contains catechins, a potent antioxidants that are commonly found in berries.

Catechins can help eliminate the spread of cancer cells while killing all free radicals that invades the body. Plus, it slows down your aging process so it is also good for your skin.

Above all, bignay tea can help you lose weight! If you are looking to reduce weight, then bignay tea can help you slim down naturally. I personally felt the appetite suppressing power of bignay tea myself. Not only that, it also gives me a lot of energy so that I can spend more time with my workout.

Health Issues of Bignay Tea

As of this writing, there is no health issues that are associated with bignay tea. There are no known side effects at all. In fact, I drink bignay tea even in an empty stomach and as long as I like. I mean there is no over-dosage in drinking this tea.

Unlike other commercialized teas that contains caffeine, bignay tea doesn’t have any caffeine content because it is made from the barks of bignay tree. So you don’t have to worry about stimulant side effects with bignay tea.

Bignay Tea Health Benefits Summary

In my opinion, bignay tea is the best tea there is in the world. My SGPT is normal, my cholesterol levels are all normal and I am physically fit!

Trying other teas would give you similar benefits but they are all synthetic and could contain harmful ingredients like caffeine.

So if you like to get a sample of bignay tea, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I might find a way to get a pack for you!

And as an alternative, I suggest you take a proven, dependable and safe diet tea for your health.

I am sure that bignay tea isn’t available in your country so it is better for you to take other tea brands that are equally potent and healthy.

One that I can recommend is LOSE ITTEA.

This brand has no harmful and synthetic ingredients just like bignay tea. Plus, this tea comes with a dieting eBook to help assist your weight loss.

loseit teaLOSE ITTEA can help:

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  • Improve your digestion
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Enhance your skin health
  • Increase mental clarity, focus and mood
  • Detox and cleanse your systems

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  1. Hey! I would be interested in obtaining this tea to try. There is alot of buzz around this tea and lots of folks ticked off because of an FDA warning that it does not cure cancer. As far as I know, I do not have cancer but would be interested in the weightloss, antioxident, ldl reducing results that some come to know because of this tea. Can you mail to the US? Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Kris,

      Thank you for your interest in Bignay tea. It does have some critics for sure. With regards to cholesterol, weight loss and antioxidants properties, I can say that it works very well based from my experiences.

      I will contact you for the details. I’ll talk to a courier if this is possible. Where are you in the US?

      • sir noah i would like to ask if where can i find or buy a plant of bignay . beacause we need for research purposes. thank you in advance for your reply. 🙂

  2. Hi how much is your bignay tea? Where can i buy? Thanks

    • Hi Nannette,

      Are you a Filipino? If you live here in Manila, you can simply visit where dozens of bignay tea retailers congregate.

      Thank you for visiting.

  3. Hi,

    Do you also accept orders from the middle east (Qatar).


    • Where exactly are you Glenn?

      I’ll get back to you about shipment and pricing details.


    • I”d like to know that too, Noah. How much is shipping and product cost? I’m in Michigan, USA

      • Hi Kristine,

        I’ll get back to you regarding shipping and cost. Please indicate your full address.


        • East Lansing, MI 48823

          • Hi Kristine,

            According to our local courier, it is restricted for us (Philippines) to ship foods or medicines into (US) unless I the product is certified by the FDA.

            Unfortunately, there are no ways that I can order a pack for you. I will work on this and hopefully this tea will be certified as soon as possible. For now, Bignay is available locally.

    • Hi Glenn,

      According to our courier, I can ship bignay tea in Qatar without international restrictions. If you are still interested, use my contact page and reply me your full address and I’ll get back to you asap for the price.


    • hi glenn im always using bignay tea

  4. Hi,

    I’m interested in buying this tea that has soursop in it.. My husband has one from the Philipines when my sister went for medical reasons. But trying to buy more for my husband use cause worked great for his diabetes & made his blood sugar in normal range.. I’m located in BARRIGADA, guam 96921… I would appreciate it. Thanks

  5. ever friday to sunday at sm sta mesa, before entering the supermarket bignay tea is being sold

  6. Hello Noah! I’m here in Laguna. Is there a place where we can buy Bignay tea in the area?

    • Hi Beth,

      Bignay Tea is now widely marketed at (sulit). You can try merchants there and most of them offer a decent price.


  7. you can buy bignay tea at CARICA herbal products..they have outlet at all SM malls..thank you..God bless

  8. Hi… im mike.. im fun drinking coffee at all times.. but a friend of mine introduce how helpful the said bignay tea… however i dont have idea where to purchase.. i ask some drugstore if its available but sad to say product are not available.. please gve me an idea where can i buy some.. and ill try drinking it a sub for my coffee… please please.. thanks

  9. Hi Noah,

    How are you? Hope you still remember me as we were office mates before. Good to know that you have this kind of blog. I am interested on this bignay tea …is it safe to take it on a daily basis … Thanks

    • Hi Ms Margie,

      Of course naman natatandaan kita mam. You can get bignay tea mam sa olx or sulit…maraming sellers don…

      Keep on reading this blog madam (though this is not updated regularly hehehe).

      Thanks po

  10. Hi…hello…I want more information sbout begnay…I’m very interesting because only new customer to drink snout begnay. ..I have highblood. ..cholesterol. .uric acid…infection for the urine. ..I wish gumaling ako dito kc only yesterday lng ako bumili 3pcs tea bag…hopely can help me. .thank you…

  11. Thank you very much for this post Noah because this is a real Blessing to me & family + many others… In fact, my comment/testimony is already about a month late but still ongoing and very up-to-date.. Bignay Tea was 1st recommended by my wife’s cousin: Elsie Saldajeno who even gave me a pack to try out, because she said that it has helped her Mom who was undergoing dialysis 3x/week before they discovered Bignay, but afterwards have improved significantly with lesses dialysis sessions now.. But because i’m really fond of research, i Googled about Bignay first and came across this blog of yours, as well as many others with similar information about 1st-Hand experiences of using Bignay, in short: TESTED & PROVEN testimonies of its benefits, which I can now share as my OWN EXPERIENCE / TESTIMONY as well… i was hospitalized in October this year due to a semi-stroke brought about by a 200+/160 BP reading, high Total Cholesterol, LDL, Creatinine, and even high SGOT/SGPTs that resulted to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) + borderline Uric Acid level. my medical problems were hereditary in nature, but was aggravated by my highly-stressful Call Center work and lack of exercise even though i was already on a somewhat strictly fish diet with some veggies and fruits (but not plenty).. after 4days of drinking Herbal Tea in November 2014, –bcoz I was on a tight time-frame before my next blood Lab tests scheduled as outpatient–, all my Blood Chemistry test results mentioned above + Blood Pressure readings, have drastically lowered down to normal levels.. Thank GOD!.. then to be even doubly-sure about it, I requested for Abdomen Ultrasound test despite the fact that its still quite premature because i only had UTZ test a month before this while I was hospitalized. I took that risk for a close-timeframe test because my confidence has been boosted by the positive results of Bignay Tea to my blood chemistry… and sure enough: the NAFLD has improved because my Liver WASNT ENLARGED anymore! Truly, GOD blessed us with this wonderful Bignay Fruit Tree which is part of his CREATION-Nature and has become now an instrument of Healing thru GOD’s Gracious Provisions.. as an Impact of this, my wife also started taking Bignay Tea for her weigh-loss program, sugar & uric-acid reduction as well as cured her recurring UTI problem… My wife ELSIE is now a promoter and distributor of this Bignay Tea in her workplace community because she gives her friends and even passers-by in their “water bill payment center-office a “sample drink” of a few glasses of Bignay Tea, which these same people have testified to have brought good effects.. So to end this testimony, we have helped spread the “Good News” about Bignay Tea, and other people have also SEARCHED YOUR BLOG & other web sources for more information or clarification about its Health Benefits.

    • Thanks Edgar. Your testament will surely help other people to trust this tea for their health.

    • I’m really happy to read your testimony about bignay. You mentioned that your mom is on dialysis and now she got better by drinking bignay tea so this is good and safe for kidney function . My kidney is weak so I’m doing my best to get it work better. Please email me some info about bignay tea would like to orderthank you

  12. hi, gusto ko lang itanong kung talagang safe ang pag inom ng bignay tea confused kasi ako dahil sa inilabas ng FDA na hindi safe ang bignay tea ano ang action ng mayari sa issue na ito. thanks!

    • Hey,

      For me, it gave me wonderful results. However, if you have doubts, I recommend that you consult your doctor first before you take this tea. As you can see from all other comments, bignay tea can truly deliver positive health effects.

  13. I live in Texas and tried this tea when visiting a relatives house. At first I was hesitant but in 15 minutes my blood pressure went from 156/85 to
    132/80 after drinking half a cup. The more I drank it lowers more and it was 123/75 by the time I finished the cup. All this in less than an hour. Holly Molly Unbelievable!!!

    I tried this on my mom and her blood pressure dropped from 136/80 to about 103/68 in 30 mins. I told her to stop drinking cause she might get low blood pressure instead. Maybe that is the only side effect on the elderly.

    • I am in dallas texas. I have blood pressure problems. Please tell were I can get the. Tea so I can try it. You can email the information. Thanks

      • Your FDA is very strict. They won’t let these type of products to get through your country. You can get one if you can visit Manila.


  14. Hi Noah,
    I am a Filipino, 64 years old and up to now I still dont know what is this Bignay fruit. Shame on me really, I am making a research about antidesma Bunius (Bignay). Where do you think I can find this tree? Thanks a lot

    • Hi guys,
      im also a bignay tea user for almost a year. It is available at SM makati on the Groundfloor in front of Hypermarket Along with other Tea such as Guyabano and Mangosteen Tea 120 per pack

  15. Tracy Lee Rutherford

    I am diabetic and currently on metformin and glipizide. Although suggested by my primary care doctor to take insulin, I opted to take the pills instead. I was wondering if taking bignay will make my sugar levels go too low in combination with my prescribed rx?

  16. Where can we buy bignsy fruit

  17. Mike Van Volkenburg

    Purchased bignay seeds in the US from Tradewindsfruit in California. Now all I have to do is grow the trees and learn how to make the tea! In the meantime have almost 60 Jamaican red hibiscus seedling coming up that I will use for red tea which is also supposed to have good medicinal properties.

  18. brod here in my backyard has a bignay tree and i heard a gossips pertaining for male enhancement and is it true? How to make it and to adminester please teach me me how thanks.

  19. how to make this as male enhancement and teach me cos i have bignay tree in our backyard

  20. where can i buy youyr bignaty tea here in san juan manila?

  21. can we boil the leaves for tea, and is it safe to drink it?

  22. Hi Noah. Your article in Bignay is very helpful to us. But Mei Magsino told us that a female bignay’s bark is poisonous. Is it true? If it is true, how can we distinguish the female from the male bignay? Thank you very much. Your answer is badly needed because I used to biol and drink bignay.

  23. Noah thanks for sharing about bignay. Learned a lot from the comments i read. Will try the tea tomorrow.

  24. Celso B. Lantican (D.Phil, Oxford)

    Stuartxchange and Quisumbing (Medicinal Plants of the Philippine) have reported that toxic alkaloids exist in the bark of bignay. So drinking tea made from the bark of the plant may in fact be dangerous.

  25. I live in the U.S. and have been fighting UTI’s forever. I’m allergic to most antibiotics so a healthcare worker from the Phillipines mentioned this tea. I found it at a small Phillipine grocery store. I think they just sell it as a tea not so much a health drink. You might want to see if you can market it to one of those stores. I heard it works for UTI’s but haven’t tried it for fear I’m allergic to it too, is it true that it is a good cure for UTI’s?

  26. Gud eve sir, may tanim kming bignay tree, ask lng po paano ang paggawa ng bignay tea, gaano kdami at katagal pakuluan. Thanks po

    • Hi po taga saan po.kayo khit ilng dahon po 5 minutes mo lng xang pakuluan isang kulo lng po

    • Better gupit gupitin ang mga dahon ng malilit na piraso using scissors, then lamasin sa tubig para lalong kumatas ang dahon, then use pressure cooker (better kung stainless) boil for 10 mins.( mas ok kung mahaluan mo ng dahon ng guyabano or green tea)

  27. True po ba na nakakapagpababa ang bignay tea ng blood pressure and creatinine?

  28. hi, ask ko lang po if okay ang bignay tea sa buntis na mataas ang blood sugar?

  29. mr. noah, i have one big tree of bignay, if anybody wants to secure more leaves of bignay, I can guarrantee more supply. my cel number is 09997638734

  30. Hi sir bignay its good for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism..?

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