Creatine Hair Loss

Creatine hair loss is one of the major issue with regards to men’s baldness. Creatine, a supplement designed for athletes, are said to cause unwanted hair loss that has buzzed the world for years

If you are inclined to sports or any physical activities, taking creatine supplement is probably your normal routine to primarily help enhance your performance.

Creatine can affect muscle groups on how it should utilize energy. However, dozens of reports regarding baldness side effects are linked to creatine supplementation.

This article will give you some facts about this issue. Also, I will include some tips on how to prevent and restore lost hair as naturally as possible.

What is Creatine?

According to WikiPedia, creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid (amino acid) that naturally found in vertebrates, which helps supply energy to all cells in the body, such as the muscles.

Common source of creatine are fish, meat and some health food supplements. Curiously, our body produces its own creatine through our liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Several sources suggests that the human liver can produce 0.07 oz of creatine each day, an adequate dosage when combined with your usual diet.

However, most people who wants to push their limits when it comes to physical performance often take creatine supplements to unleash their competitive side.

Creatine supplements can be beneficial if taken moderately. But if over-used, it can result to creatine hair loss and other serious side effects.

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How Creatine Works?

Creatine’s main function is to satisfy the energy demands of every tissues in the body, particularly the muscles.

If you take creatine, it will be synthesized in the liver and kidney, then it will be transported through the blood stream before it can be utilized as energy by each cells.

It is good to remember that creatine is really not that essential to the body, and is mainly produced through the body’s natural L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine.

Creatine Hair Loss Facts

creatine hair lossCreatine hair loss became a buzzing topic in the hair loss industry due to dozens of complaints about baldness side effects from taking creatine supplements.

Creatine’s baldness effects doesn’t have solid scientific proof but some studies suggests that the increase rates of balding in men are indeed caused by too much creatine intake.

The obvious causes of hair loss in both young and older men are genetics. Creatine is said to have big impact on men with a family history of baldness or receding hairlines.

According to a report from the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, the main reason why creatine can cause hair loss is due to the level increase of Dihydrotestosterone in the body.

Dihydrotestosterone are androgen synthesized located in the hair follicles. Increasing these androgens can make a gap between your hair and hair follicles which prevents the absorption of nutrients, which inevitable leads to hair loss.

In most studies and clinical tests, Dihydrotestosterone is found to be the main culprit in any types of hair loss issues. However, creatine supplementation floats above the rests of known issues that is said to increase the said compounds.

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Experts believed that the reason why creatine helps increase DHT could be related to testosterone itself.

Other Negative Effects of Creatine Supplementation

There are other reports that creatine supplementation can affect hydration status and heat tolerance, which leads to muscle cramping and diarrhea.

Creatine over dosage have been linked to kidney problems such as interstitial nephritis. On the other hand, your liver can also be affected negatively.

So if you have kidney or liver issues such as fatty liver, these health risks should give you second thoughts on using creatine supplements.

How to Restore Lost Hair?

Most people believes that there is no cure for hair loss. Well, there is really no harm in trying to overcome this health problem. As they say, you ain’t gain anything if you do nothing, right?

So before you lose hope on your hair loss endeavor due to creatine supplementation, I suggest that you should at least try something to regain those lost hair as much as you can.

The best way to regrow hair is to eliminate the blockage between your hair and hair follicles. If this is achieved, you can pave the way for better nutrient absorption within your scalp and it will also stimulate blood circulation which promotes hair growth.

There are dozens of reports that shows the possibility of hair growth for those who already lost some hair lines, or even to those who are already bald.

For example, onion juice and coriander juice are the two juice choices that you can possibly take. Both of these juices are believed to help prevent hair loss and restore lost hair.

You can use hair thickening shampoos that are proven effective. Hair thickening might be over hyped but you’ll never know if it really works if you won’t try using it.

Eating lots of vegetables and eliminating all the stress factors can help restore blood circulation along your scalp. Also, some sources says that scalp massage can also help in hair growth.

If hair loss is severe such as propecia, then it is time to consult your doctor for some professional advise. Ask your doctor for any recommendations for hair loss treatment or supplements. Remember, doctors knows best.

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Creatine Hair Loss Summary

Hair loss due to creatine supplementation is possible based on some clinical tests and scientific evidences.

If you have a family history of baldness, running out of hair might not be a big deal for you especially if you are only up to creatine supplementation’s health benefits.

But if you are experiencing receding hair line without any genetic origin, then looking at your current supplementation might help you to identify the root cause of the problem.

Creatine hair loss can be prevented through intake moderation or not taking creatine at all. Remember that creatine is not that essential to health and are produced naturally by our body organs.

So if you like to enhance your physical performance, then use other supplements or do the more natural method of physical improvements such as exercise and healthy diet.

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