Diet Plateau

Can’t lose any more weight with your current weight loss program? If you think you are in this kind of dilemma, you might already be in a situation called diet plateau, which means that you reached your weight loss limit.

More and more people wanted to lose weight to help improve their health. Ever since obesity hit the world, thousands or even millions of people died in different weight-related issues for decades.

Weight problems are silent killers. It is a precursor to various deadly diseases. This article will help you to overcome diet plateau in a natural way as possible.

What is a Diet Plateau?

Diet plateau is the same with weight loss plateau but is more focused on your dieting regimen. Almost each of us reaches a plateau in some point of our fitness journey. Why? It is because of the human body’s chemistry that triggers imbalance energy usage.

When you hit a plateau, it means that your body doesn’t want to lose weight anymore, which interrupts how your body uses energy for burning fats. You may find a way to still lose weight, but it won’t be in significant numbers.

Primarily, initial weight loss through a reduced-calorie diet can last a few weeks to months. Then weight loss will start to slow down and will eventually stop, even though you are continuing your dieting regimen. That is diet plateau.

Same goes with other weight loss methods such as exercise. Both your physical efforts and diet can hit the walls of weight loss plateaus.

So if you are in a situation like this, would you stop your fitness endeavor? Will you let your fitness goals to be a failure forever? Well, if you are still overweight, you should not be contented on what you already lost, but you should focus on reaching your target weight.

Remember that plateau is a normal thing and for dieters like you, giving up will just waste all your previous efforts. The key to achieve success is motivation, perseverance and consistency. You should not allow yourself to be discouraged.

If you want to overcome diet plateau, you need to look at it as a challenge. If what it takes is a long-term commitment, then so be it and don’t rush things. Just make sure that your food intake is well-balanced and healthy.

Why Diet Plateau Strikes?

diet plateauAs aforementioned above, dieting can give you an instant and fast weight loss results due to food restrictions that you follow. However, your body may respond irrationally in which you will not be able understand. In short, it cannot jive with your dieting program.

Dieting experts sites 3 possible reasons why a diet plateau can occur to any dieters. It includes the following:

  • Your body is having difficulty to adjust with your calorie-reduction diet
  • Equal amounts of calorie-intake and calorie-expenditure – it means that you are not reducing any calories at all
  • Too much calorie reduction and less calorie-intake – this will slow down your metabolic rate

If this is the way you diet, then the chances of plateau to strike is obviously high. It is important to understand how your body reacts on your dieting regimen. Rushing things out to reach your goal is not the best method that you should take.

Roadblocks are always present as you get closer to your target weight. Plateau can hit you anytime on your weight loss journey. So the best thing to do is to have a timeout on your dieting and then start again. This will help your body to cope up with your dieting program.

What to Do in Order to Overcome Diet Plateau?

To be able to avoid diet plateau, your metabolism should be stabilized to further help your body to lose weight. Your calorie intake must be addressed in conjunction with your exercise program.

There are many factors to consider with regards to calorie intake and metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you eat into energy. So if you have no knowledge about your calorie intake, you are literally shooting arrows in the dark, making your metabolic rate up and down.

To get your basal metabolic rate, you need to consider your body size, sex and your age. Aside from that, your thermogenic state and your physical activities both accounts to your total possible weight loss.

So in short, your metabolic rate has a very crucial role in your dieting regimen. It means that you need to consider your physical efforts together with your diet, in order to increase your metabolic rate which can help you to overcome diet plateau.

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Aside from getting a stable and increased metabolic rate, you need to set a realistic weight loss goal. For example, you are 20 pounds overweight and you are targeting a 30 pounds weight loss within a month. That would be a very difficult task especially if you are just depending on your diet.

You need realistic goals that is achievable to avoid failure and disappointment. You need to plan a series of goals that will put you closer to your main goal. This might take time but it has higher probability of success than thinking on a short-term dieting program.

Below are other tips on how to overcome your diet plateau:

Mind over Matter

This means that you should think wisely when it comes to weight loss. Dieting alone can result to significant weight loss, even so if you combine it with physical activities. Some of the mind tricks that you can do includes the following:

  • Avoid using your weighing scale too often
  • Use your non-dominant hand when eating
  • Avoid cooking your favorite food
  • Never skip breakfast and don’t starve yourself
  • Check serving sizes (weighing food is very effective)
  • Drink a lot of water (helps boost metabolism)

Journal or Food Diaries can Help

Having a journal or a food diary is an important tool for your dieting regimen. It will serve as your guide to monitor all your weight loss activities including your daily and weekly dieting schedules.

When recoding your fitness efforts, it is crucial to be as honest as possible. Remember that accurate records will help you to identify which method works best for your weight loss program. You can use online tools below for your references.

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Weight Training

Any physical activities or exercises such as sports, yoga, dancing, etc. can all help you lose weight. But I am suggesting weight training because it is the most trusted and best fitness program that you can take for weight loss.

Weight training has varieties too which may suits you well if you don’t have any experiences in weight lifting. Activities such as lifting weights will boost your metabolism two folds, compared to any exercises. Plus, it won’t just burn fat, it will also develops and tones your muscles which will give you a sexy physique!

Lifting weights may not be for everyone but it is one of the best course that you can take if you want a serious weight loss program. Otherwise, you can try cardiovascular exercises, sports, dancing routines and many other activities that can help you sweat, which will also burn calories and fat.

Take a Trusted and Clinically Proven and Safe Weight Loss Supplement

You might disagree with this, but diet supplements do work wonders for people who are determined to lose weight. The weight loss supplement industry won’t thrive if all of its products are ineffective.

The only problem with diet pills is that, there are too many hoax products that are out in the market. These products are not just scams, these brands contains harmful ingredients that are not only effective, but also produces side effects.

So it is wise to choose the best and trusted brand when it comes to health supplements. You need to consider the company who made the products, popularity, testimonials, money-back guarantees, effectiveness and safety.

There are dozens of diet pills that posses those characteristics mentioned above and can definitely help support your weight loss program. One of the brands that stands out from the competition is Phen375, an RDK Global brand. Visit its official site to learn more about this best-selling diet pill.

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Diet Plateau Summary

With all details mentioned above, overcoming diet plateau is a combination of dieting and fitness as a whole. So to be able to lose weight through dieting and prevent plateau, you need to start a complete weight loss program that contains physical activities and balanced dieting regimen coupled with diet pill supplementation for further weight loss support.

To be able to maintain on the right track of your fitness program, you need to show determination to succeed, consistency on your dieting and exercise and more importantly, an extreme motivation to do weight loss as a whole. If you possess these qualities, weight loss success is inevitable and diet plateau will surely be just a thing of the past!

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