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Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains the best and trustworthy information that generally pertains to health and wellness. We feature health information, tips, news and sometimes recommend products that we see beneficial to you.

You are not forced to patronize or purchase any products or services that you may find in this site. These products or services are called affiliate brands, which this site is an exclusive marketer of a particular affiliate network. This is a normal business system in the Internet and is commonly called as “Affiliate Marketing”.

These affiliate products can be found inside blog posts, sidebar or at the footer, and it is either be in a text link or in a banner form. These affiliate brands are not “pay-per-click” adverts, which means that we don’t earn any profits from any “click” actions from these affiliate links.

However, we can earn a limited affiliate commission based on the percentage of the product sold. This means that if you purchase a particular affiliate product from this site, then that is the only time we get profits through commission payment from the affiliate network.

Please take note that these products have the same prices with or without any purchases. Buying any products or services through affiliate ads, doesn’t make the product’s price more expensive just to be able to produce certain commissions. This is a usual business system in the online business industry.

This affiliate disclosure is similar to any types of affiliate networks that you can find in the Internet. This statement is a symbol of honesty and transparency to you, that we are running a trustworthy and reputable online business.

This site uses the following affiliate networks as one of our main source of income:


MoreNiche is one of the premier affiliate network in the industry that was initially based in the UK. They offer a wide range of products in the health, beauty, hair loss, skin care and weight loss niches.

For more information about this affiliate network, please visit Consumer Education Portal.


ShareASale is another top-notch affiliate network that offers different breed of products, just like Amazon. This company offers the highest converting products in almost all niches in the industry

To learn more about ShareASale, please read the affiliate agreement for more details.

Market Health

Market Health is another health and wellness affiliate network that is similar to MoreNiche. This network offers flexible payout terms according to CTA and pays more than any other health niche affiliate networks.

To learn more about its policy, please read Market Health marketing policy.

Disclosure Policy

www.InterestingHealthFacts.net is focused on giving you the best, accurate and latest health news online. Each content of this site are based from hard work, research and are sourced from reputable and trusted organizations.

Although we only give facts in this site, we highly advice you to first consult your physician before applying any information you may find in this site. Any products or information herein are not intended to treat or diagnose any diseases and are strictly for educational and informational purposes only.

Please be reminded that we are not liable for any loss or negative side effects that may occur to you, through applications of any products, services or information you may find in this site.

Some contents may contain some external links that have no direct relationship with this site. These are provided as a reference or informational purposes only, which are common ethics in the Internet industry.

Terms of Agreement

Any types of actions you do within this website would mean your direct acceptance of these official terms of agreement as a whole. Otherwise, you are not obliged to use any information or services that we currently offer in this website.


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I, N.M. Rodolfo, owner of www.interestinghealthfacts.net is in business as an affiliate marketeer and recommend products on this website for which I earn a commission.I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business.Please visit consumer education portal for more info.