The Impact of Sleep on Your Sex Drive

Do you find it hard to get a hard-on? Do feel like you can’t sexually satisfy your partner and that is it becoming difficult for you to last longer than you did before?

You once enjoyed wild and vigorous sex, but it is a different story now isn’t it. Chances are that a lack of sleep is diminishing your sex life. Having a good night sleep is extremely crucial for your health as it helps you to keep the focus on your daily routine.

According to the American Sleep Foundation ASF, an adult should sleep 7-9 hours daily for optimum bodily functions. There are several ways sleep has an impact on your libido.

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Sleeping is Testosterone’s Best Friend

Testosterone is a hormone that is found in both the genders male and female, but they are found in larger quantities in men.

Nevertheless, these hormones play a big part in men’s overall sexual health. They keep your sexual drive in check, boost energy and help maintain a rock solid erection during sex.

Consequently, lack of sleep however, greatly lowers testosterone levels. A study conducted by the University of Chicago backs this theory.

sleep for better sex driveThey put measuring data wristbands on several men to study their sleeping patterns and its effects on the body.

The men who slept well for 7-9 hours showed an increase in the level of testosterone while the men who slept for 4-6 hours were seen to have a lower level of testosterone.

That it is primarily because your body produces a lot of testosterone when you are asleep. Moreover, men who have a good level of testosterone can last longer in bed, satisfy their partners in bed and sustain a longer erection.

In order to achieve enhanced sexual health, the first step is to make sure that your body is producing enough testosterone and the easiest way to achieve that is by having a good night’s sleep.

Good Sleep Patterns can Keep you Looking Young

For any relationship to last longer, it’s important that partners are sexually attracted to each other. Sex is extremely enjoyable if both partners are able to sexually arouse each other.

Lack of sleep affects your hair, skin, waistline and energy levels.

Not sleeping enough can take a toll on your appearance, you won’t be able to have the energy to satisfy your partner and you will slowly slip in to a depressive state and will begin to lose your self confidence.

If you don’t find yourself attractive, do you really expect your partner to become completely aroused by you? This results in complete lack of sex drive as shown by a research conducted by the University of Chicago.

Lack of self-esteem kills your mood and sex drive because you always wonder if your partner can ever find you attractive. It may be your personality your partner is attracted to, but when you are naked in bed with each other, physical appearance plays a big part.

Notwithstanding, always remember physical attractiveness is not about having a face like Brad Pitt; healthy, radiant skin and a fit body are important in maintaining your partner’s interest in you.

couple sex

Luckily, there are several medicines available to boost your sexual confidence. These last longer than pills, are natural and are with several important minerals to keep your skin, body, and hair healthy.

Together with 7-9 hours of sleep and help from these supplements, you will feel naturally sexier and confident.

Sleep is directly proportional to Focus

Have you ever stopped during sex? Do you find that you lose erection even when you are inside your partner? Do you find yourself forcefully releasing your load quickly whenever you penetrate your manhood inside your partner?

The biggest reason behind this is lack of focus. In sex, focus is extremely important; it makes the experience more enjoyable, passionate and helps you and your partner achieve a satisfactory orgasm.

Focus is obtained by fully recovering your body from the effects of daily life. When you sleep your body starts the restoration process and you gain energy. If you sleep less than 6 hours, your body’s restoration process will be affected, thus you will find it harder to focus on work, sex, and several daily tasks.

Naturally, a lack of energy makes you look dull and vulnerable to make mistakes at work. When this happens, you return home demotivated and find it hard to focus on your love life.

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Lack of Sleep Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterized by an inability to get or sustain an erection. According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who have sleep problems are prone to having erectile disorders.

Sex is like an exercise; during arousal, the heart rapidly pumps blood to the penis to make all the veins and arteries stiff and hard.

But if your body is too tired inside, achieving an erection becomes a tedious task for your body. Erectile dysfunction does not always mean that you find it hard to get an erection or maintain it.

It also leads to a premature erection. Imagine the size of your penis is 5 inches, which is enough to make your partner satisfied. But if you have premature erection, chances are that your penis will only be able to achieve the erection up to 2 inches.

This sexual problem was shown in famous sitcom Sex & the City, where Samantha Jones fell in love with a perfect guy only to find that his manhood measured just three inches.

They both broke up due to lack of passion in sex. The length of you penis isn’t a concern when it comes to good sex, it is the girth that matters, and if you don’t rest and eat a healthy diet, you will never be able to have a thick penis for deep penetration.

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Since the porn industry has seriously raised the standard of an average penis, most men find their penis size extremely short, which is what drives them to become anxious, depressed and extremely hesitant.

Ordinarily, these stressful thoughts lead to lack of sleep, which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction. You can use Size Genetics to help increase both length and girth of your penis naturally.

Fortunately, these worrisome thoughts and dysfunction can be dealt naturally with herbal supplements such as Male Extra, which is scientifically formulated for your penis.

The best part about this penile pill is that it is 100 percent natural and safe, increases the size of your penis, fights erectile dysfunction, relaxes your body, boosts your energy and mood.

Don’t deprive your body of sleep. The idea of coming late from working and catching up on the latest season of your favorite drama series may seem very tempting.

But think how lack of sleep is going to affect your sex drive, as Maslow had put sex in third most important basic need in the hierarchy of needs.

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