Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Facts

thrombosed hemorrhoid

Are you suffering from a unique anorectal disease called thrombosed hemorrhoid? If you do, then this post is for you. Thrombosed hemorrhoid is a type of hemorrhoid disease that is extremely painful condition and can inflict any adult. If you don’t know yet, hemorrhoids are diseases that develops either inside or outside areas of the anus. There are several types […]

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Aloe Vera Health Benefits

aloe vera

Most of the aloe vera health benefits are well recognized all over the globe. In fact, this plant is frequently mentioned in almost all known herbal medicines worldwide. Known since the first century, this plant is being used in different industries such as food, cosmetics and alternative medicine where it is very popular. Experts in herbs claims that this plant […]

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Cancer Myths that You Should Know

woman checking for breast cancer

I bet you are also wary about the disease called cancer. Many believed that cancer is a condition that has the lowest rate of survival compared to other diseases. I will give you some cancer myths and facts to help you understand further the many aspects of this condition. There are many different types of cancers. Each has its own […]

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Coconut Water Benefits

coconut drinks

Do you have any idea how coconut water taste like? Or, are you even aware of its many health advantages? This article will particularly discuss every bit of coconut water benefits including its many health properties. First off, the Philippines is the largest coconut producer in the world with an average of 19 million tonnes of coconuts per year. I […]

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Liver Detox Diet

Liver Detox Diet

The human body has the capability to naturally detoxify on its own and that functions is being done by our liver. Since the liver is so important, dieters made a simple cleansing regime called liver detox diet. This detox or dieting program is a big part of alternative medicine in which, many critics are against the application of such diets […]

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Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis


Seronegative inflammatory arthritis is probably one of the most painful types of arthritis known to man. Have you ever encountered this health problem? If so, then you are probably plagued with dozens of health conditions aside from arthritis. Seronegative inflammatory arthritis is often associated with other types of immunopathologic mechanisms that constitutes to other symptoms or diseases. This post will […]

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Ashitaba Health Benefits

ashitaba plan health benefits

If you are looking for a herbal plant that you can easily cultivate in your own backyard, then ashitaba is the best plant for you. This post will discuss more on ashitaba health benefits and its other medicinal uses. The last herb that I discussed was Sabah Snake Grass, a potent herb that is said to cure hundreds of diseases. […]

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Pomegranate Health Benefits


If you are a health buff, then you probably know the different pomegranate health benefits that everyone is talking about. Pomegranate is truly a gift from nature, having almost all essential nutrients and antioxidants that the body needs. For hundreds of years, pomegranate has been an icon among all fruits known today. From Qur’an to Christianity, from Ancient Egypt to […]

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Diet Plateau

woman with measure tape in mouth

Can’t lose any more weight with your current weight loss program? If you think you are in this kind of dilemma, you might already be in a situation called diet plateau, which means that you reached your weight loss limit. More and more people wanted to lose weight to help improve their health. Ever since obesity hit the world, thousands […]

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Pregnancy Stretch Marks

pregnancy stretch marks

Are you bothered by pregnancy stretch marks? If yes, then it is time to get rid of that unwanted skin condition. Stretch marks should not cause you any stress and you deserve the right to know how to overcome stretch marks naturally. This post will discuss the different facts about pregnancy stretch marks such as the causes, prevention tips and […]

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