What is Herpes Zoster?

herpes zoster

Are you experiencing a painful skin rash with blisters in a particular part of you body? If so, then you might just be suffering from a rare viral skin disease called herpes zoster. This skin disease commonly affects children through short-term illness chickenpox. However, herpes zoster can affect any age group, even those elderly individuals. To learn more about this […]

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Creatine Hair Loss

bald man

Creatine hair loss is one of the major issue with regards to men’s baldness. Creatine, a supplement designed for athletes, are said to cause unwanted hair loss that has buzzed the world for years If you are inclined to sports or any physical activities, taking creatine supplement is probably your normal routine to primarily help enhance your performance. Creatine can […]

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Sorbitol and Diabetes


Sorbitol and diabetes have been a major health issue for years. Some sources say that sorbitol can lower blood sugar, while others claim it can worsen diabetes. So which is which? To be able to identify the truths about this issue, we have to take a deep look at sorbitol and know its different properties such as its health advantages […]

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Sabah Snake Grass Plant

sabah snake grass

Have you heard about the health rumors surrounding Sabah Snake Grass plant? Or perhaps, do you know anything about this plant? Plants or herbs, are part of both medicinal and traditional treatments. Every plants have its own unique properties that offers different health benefits. Sabah Snake Grass plant for example, is one of the most celebrated herb in Asia. Why? […]

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Mangosteen Nutrition Facts

mangosteen nutrition

Many have thought that many facts about mangosteen nutrition were just all hype due to the endorsements of physicians such as Dr. Oz and many other known celebrities. Many thought that it was just all business. However, mangosteen is a fruit that has unique properties that could help improve your overall health and not all things about mangosteen are hoax. […]

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Bignay Tea Health Benefits

bignay fruit

Bignay tea has dozens of health benefits just like any other common teas in the market. However, bignay is only available in Northern Australia and South East Asia, particularly in the Philippines. If you are looking for an exotic fruit that is equally or far more superior when it comes to health benefits, then bignay could be the perfect fit. […]

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