Sabah Snake Grass Plant

Have you heard about the health rumors surrounding Sabah Snake Grass plant? Or perhaps, do you know anything about this plant?

Plants or herbs, are part of both medicinal and traditional treatments. Every plants have its own unique properties that offers different health benefits. Sabah Snake Grass plant for example, is one of the most celebrated herb in Asia.

Why? Because many claims that this particular herb has various health benefits including cancer treatment. Are you intrigued? Read this article to find out more.

What is Sabah Snake Grass?

Sabah Snake Grass is a plant that can be found in Malaysia and some parts of India and South East Asia. Its scientific name is “clinacanthus nutans”. Indian version is called Indian Snake Grass, while Chinese call it Yu Xun Cao.

But the plant got its world-wide popularity from Malaysia, which is the reason why it carries “Sabah” on its name. It was in Malaysia, where its “health properties” was first discovered.

Scientists have already explored the different properties of this plant and only one stands out – it is a potent antioxidant! When you say antioxidants, it is focused on preventing cell degeneration caused by harmful free radicals.

When free radicals invade the body, it destroys your body’s DNA due to severe oxidation processes. Antioxidants prevents this to happen and Sabah Snake Grass plant can very well supply you with potent antioxidant elements.

Clinacanthus nutans are often compared to green tea leaves due to its similarities in various aspects such as their antioxidant contents. Sabah Snake Grass antioxidant potency are studied to be lower compared to green tea’s superoxide dismutase activity and phenolic contents.

However, according to Ming Chuan University, Department of Biotechnology in China, sabah snake grass leaf extracts are much more better than green tea with regards to the integrity of super-coiled plasmid DNA under ribflavin photochemical treatment.

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How Sabah Snake Grass Antioxidants Work?

Antioxidants are well known to be the only compounds that traps free radicals, which prevents the formation of tumor cells or cancers.

Cancers are caused by cellular imbalance due to elevated free radical accumulation in the body. However, free radicals doesn’t just cause cancers, it can also trigger many other chronic diseases.

Traditional cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not that helpful as it also damage healthy cells. So the best thing to do is to prevent cancer cells to spread. This is how antioxidants are crucially important.

Sabah Snake Grass plant possess antioxidant and antiproliferative properties that are clinically proven effective against cultured cancer cell lines.

This is the reason why many experts believes that Sabah Snake Grass is a great “alternative” regimen for cancer prevention or treatment. However, more scientific studies are needed to back up these claims as a proven treatment for cancers.

Below is a closer look at Sabah Snake Grass. The video is from garwooi’s Youtube account.

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Health Benefits of Sabah Snake Grass Plan

As aforementioned above, antioxidants are not just the good qualities that you will like about this plant. To give you a quick summary, below are the advantages of taking Sabah Snake Grass.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, uric acid, etc.
  • Anti-inflammation properties (relieves arthritis, gout, etc.)
  • Good for the kidneys, prostate, lungs, uterus and many other organs including the reproductive system
  • Prevents brain stroke and cardiovascular diseases
  • Powerful anti-cancer properties
  • Slows down aging process
  • Improves skin
  • Weight loss benefits (appetite suppression, fat and calorie burning and carb blocking properties)

There are many other health benefits of Sabah Snake Grass aside from this list.

How to Take Sabah Snake Grass?

Just like any other plants, Sabah Snake Grass can be prepared either a tea, juice or shakes. Eating it raw is not advisable as it may produce some side effects. Additional studies have to be done to make sure that it is safe to consume in raw form.

Tea and juice are the most used end-product for plants and Sabah Snake Grass is not different. According to various sources, there are numerous ways on how to prepare a Sabah Snake Grass tea. In general, below is the most recommended and used direction in making a Sabah Snake Grass-based juice and tea.


  • Clean the leaves of Sabah Snake Grass
  • Pick at least 30 fresh leaves of Sabah Snake Grass
  • Put a 1 liter water and boil for 10 minutes
  • Let it cool a little then serve throughout the day


  • Pour half-cup clean water into a blender
  • Add some ice
  • Add one quarter lemon for oxidation prevention
  • Wash at least 30 leaves and put it into the blender
  • You may wish to add any fruit for flavoring
  • Blend and drink

According to some success stories, to make your Sabah Snake Grass therapy more effective for cancer treatment, you need to consumed as much as 250 leaves per day, and this depends on what cancer stage you are in. Of course, this information is not proven medically or scientifically.

Where to Get Sabah Snake Grass?

sabah snake grass plantSabah Snake Grass is widely available in South East Asia particularly in Malaysia. There are some sellers that are available on various online retailing sites, but beware that there are numerous scammers online. So be warned.

Sabah Snake Grass is very difficult to cultivate as it grows slowly compared to other grass plants. If you are interested in acquiring some of this plant, I suggest that you go directly to Malaysia and have a personal investigation yourself.

Conclusion on Sabah Snake Grass Plant

Sabah Snake Grass is a wonder of nature that offers hundreds of health benefits. Hundreds of testimonials have been published online that it really does help treat cancer diseases.

With all these wonderful things about Sabah Snake Grass, further scientific studies are needed to prove its real worth. If you have troubles with your health, you can only depend on various online reviews about Sabah Snake Grass for now until a solid medical evidence proves its true properties.


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  1. Alpaslan Cinkilic

    Hi, I live in Thailand. It sound like I want to test SABAH SNAKE GRASS as tea.
    How can I find the plant or seeds , to put in my garden.
    Can anybody help me with it ? Thanks.
    I am going to write about how much did it help me.

    • The plants are propagated by cutting. Not seeds.
      I lived in irvine, Ca. I have enough plants to supply dosage (i.e. 200 leaves per day) for 1 cancer patient. Every plants are organic grown. If anyone is interested. Contact me.

  2. Correction of my comment, It has seeds, however it is fast to grow it from cuttings.

    I used to urine every 30 min when I take a walk with my wife, after drinking the juice, I can finish the 60 min walk without a need of finding a restroom. I read some information regarding it can heal people from kidney issue, it seems to help!

    It also help A Lot with the performance at night.

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