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Aging, when explained in simple terms, is described as the natural process to become older with the passage of time.

As time passes, it leaves marks on the human body. As we are well aware that humans are prone to ageing because they are not immortal and so is the process of aging.

It does not cease in any age. Basically the aging procedure represents the human body with various changes that take place gradually as time passes.

Aging however is a natural process that a human body undergoes but it can have various effects on the skin which may seem drastic to some people.

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Effects of Aging

There are numerous factors that can cause the skin to age swiftly and has drastic consequences. The supreme factors include:

Sun. This is a source of damaging the skin in hundreds of ways if the skin is exposed to the sun for larger time spans.
Severe atmospheric conditions and climate can be termed as a positive factor in aging your skin faster. As the atmosphere directly affects the human exposure, it is a major agent.

Poor routine. This includes substandard eating, drinking, sleeping and living habits. They may seem invisible at the moment but are unknowingly affecting your skin in numerous sick ways.

Although, these factors are usually influencing the skin gradually and a person realizes its worth after it is too late.

For instance smoking, at the current moment may seem all fine to one, but will be playing a vital role in making you age faster with its negative side effects which are unknown to the naked eye and limited knowledge of the brain.

effects of aging

Basic Natural Alterations Involved in Aging

We are well aware that aging is a procedure of changings that are involved over a time span which can generally range from twenty years to even forty years and more than that.

The natural changes that take place in the body include:

The wrinkles gradually become more visible on the body parts; especially the face. On the face the wrinkles can be seen on places like forehead, lips, eyes etc.

With the passage of time the mild and gentle skin becomes irregular, uneven and rough. This primarily happens due to the harsh climatic conditions which make the skin undergo through wear and tear situations.

The skin becomes loose and starts hanging over the body. The major cause for this can be the misuse of gym and abuse of dietary supplements.

These factors do not show any negative results when they are properly used but once the person stops using them they start showing their adverse effects and one of the most important one is aging.

Stress and Aging

A recent research has been positively shown that stress has a positive affect or a direct affect to the skin problem called aging.

They further explained that the enhanced levels of perceived stress have shorter telomeres, which is why the aging process rises.

The Top 10 Anti-Aging Secrets

Although aging is a natural process and there is no way that we can hinder it from coming but there sure are ways and beauty secrets that will surely assist you in how one can reduce the aging process.

  1. Utilization of various oils including sesame oil and fish oil. The sesame oil is very well known for not only keep the skin healthy and glowing but when massaged on the skin it aids to remove dry skin cells which will let the new cells regenerate and reduce the aging process, likewise fish oil supplements help in keeping the skin healthy and has numerous beneficial properties for the hair too.
  2. Lessening the use of makeup foundation will surely help the skin to breathe because the chemicals present inside the makeup cosmetics let the skin damage in a very short time span without the person knowing what is happening to the skin.
  3. Make sure you are using hypoallergenic soaps if in case you have a sensitive skin.
  4. Instead of playing with a lot of beauty cosmetics whose label fool you hundred times a day. Instead focus on one simple daily routine work where you just clean your face with a simple moisturizer regularly.
  5. Include green leafy vegetables in the diet. Increasing the number of healthier ingredients in the diet surely will enhance the beauty of the skin.
  6. Try to cut out grains, sugar and alcohol from the regular dietary patterns which are a main cause of aging the skin swiftly and without notice.
  7. Focus much more on the sleeping patters and make sure that you are providing your body with enough sleep and rest that it deserves.
  8. Add exercise to the normal day routine which will help you stay fit along with reduce your chances of aging soon.
  9. Keep a regular check up with the dietitian and keep looking for the digestion problems if one may face any because they will hinder your healthy beautiful and youthful skin.
    Likewise green vegetables, add up the maximum amount of fruits in the daily diet which will surely show their positive effects on the skin.
  10. Give some time to yourself so that you may figure out what stresses you and eradicate stress habits which will help reduce aging in a very short time span.

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